2014 Utility Bill Changes

There will be¬†two¬†changes to the water/sewer billing starting with the February utility billing (January usage). The first change is that the sewer usage will no longer be locked in at December usage for residential accounts. This means that the gallons of water used will also be the amount of gallons charged for sewer usage. For those residents that use more water in the summer months for watering lawns, filling pools, etc. the city is looking into options for 2nd meters or “sprinkling” meters that would only charge for water usage and not sewer. The second change will be in how the sewer charge is calculated. The first 1000 gallons of sewer usage will no longer be deducted before calculating sewer charges. As always, if you have any questions regarding your utility bill please call city hall at (320) 275-2454 or you can email dassel@dassel.com.

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