Flower Show July 27


Enter the Annual Dassel Flower Show

Thursday, July 27, 2017 


Area residents who enjoy flower gardening and arranging are invited to participate in the annual flower show, sponsored by the Dassel Area Historical Society.  It will take place at the Dassel History Center.

The theme of the show this year is Here Comes the Bride. Both horticultural specimens and arrangements are welcome and will be judged.  A professional flower arranging tip session, music, and refreshments are also scheduled.

The following rules, tips and schedule are also available at the Dassel History Center, 901 First Street, 320-275-3077, dahs@dassel.com and on the website www.dasselhistorycenter.org.


  1. Entries are open to all amateurs. There is no entry fee.
  1. The DAHS building will be open at 8:00 a.m. and entries will be received until 11:45 a.m.
  1. The door will be open to the public after the judging at approximately 2:00 pm.
  1. First, second, and third place winners  awarded. One overall grand champion will be awarded in horticulture, one in arrangements, plus a best of show.
  1. Horticultural exhibits must be listed under grower’s name.
  1. Accessories will be permitted whenever they help interpret the intended theme in the    arrangement category.
  1. Exhibitors may make one entry in each arrangement category and sub-division of horticulture classes.
  1. Include the name of the variety of horticulture exhibit if possible to make it more interesting  to the public.
  1. Bottles will be furnished for horticultural specimens.
  1. Potted and hanging plants must be in the exhibitor’s possession for at least two months.
Tips for Exhibitors
  1. Disqualification results if more or fewer stems or blooms than allowed by schedule are entered.
  2. Specimens must be clean and have attractive amount of foliage attached.
  3. Remove all foliage below water line.
  4. Cut all specimen stems long enough to present a good appearance in the bottle. Points are usually taken off for specimens with too short stems.
  5. Garden flowers: Using sharp knife, cut flowers the evening before or early morning the day of the show. Place in deep, warm water and store in cool place.
  6. Arrangements: Flowers and foliage for arrangements should be hardened overnight before arranging.



Group I – Horticulture

Class A – Annuals

  1. Asters, three stems
  2. Bachelor Buttons, five stems
  3. Calendulas, three stems
  4. Cosmos, three stems
  5. Dianthus (pinks) single or double, five stems
  6. Marigolds, large, three stems
  7. Marigolds, small, three stems
  8. Nasturtiums, three stems
  9. Pansies, five stems
  10. Petunias, three stems
  11. Snap Dragons, three stems
  12. Sweet Peas, five stems
  13. Zinnias, three stems
  14. Miscellaneous, any annual with name

Class B – Perennials and Bulbs

  1. Begonia, one stalk
  2. Black-eyed Susan, three stems
  3. Carnations, three stems
  4. Chrysanthemums, three stems
  5. Dahlia, large, one stem
  6. Dahlia, medium, one stem
  7. Dahlia, small, three stems
  8. Day Lily (Hemerocallis) one stalk
  9. Gladiolus, one stalk
  10. Hosta, small
  11. Hosta, medium
  12. Hosta, large
  13. Hydrangea, one stalk
  14. Lilies, tiger, hybrid, or other, one stalk
  15. Phlox, one stalk
  16. Miscellaneous, any other perennial with name

Class C – Roses (in bud vase or bottle)

  1. Hybrid Tea, one stem
  2. Floribunda, grandiflora, or polyanthus, one stem
  3. Shrub, one spray

Class D – House Plants

  1. African Violets
  2. Foliage plants
  3. Any flowering plants
  4. Cactus or succulent

Class E – Patio Potted Plants

  1. Begonias
  2. Coleus
  3. Geraniums
  4. Herbs
  5. Impatiens
  6. Petunias
  7. Planter, at least 3 species
  8. Ornamental Vegetable

Class F – Outdoor Hanging Plant

  1. Begonias
  2. Coleus
  3. Geraniums, in bloom
  4. Impatiens
  5. Petunias
  6. Miscellaneous














Wedding Exhibit to open June 25

Included in the exhibit: Regid Heddles, on loan from Joan and David Floren; Basket, cloth and band, and ale bowls on loan from Vesterheim National Norwegian-American Museum, Decorah, Iowa; scrutching knife, on loan from the American Swedish Institute, Minneapolis.

Program and exhibit on courtship and wedding traditions

 June 25 at Dassel History Center

The exhibit, Loves Labor: The Traditions of Courtship and Weddings, will open Sunday, June 25, with a wedding reception and program at 2:00 p.m. at the Dassel History Center, 901 First St. N. There will be music, decorations, wedding cake and coffee. Ann Isaacson, and Shelly Nordtorp Madson will present a program about Scandinavian courtship and wedding traditions.

Isaacson is senior educator at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. She has an MA from the U of M College of Design with a focus on Scandinavian folk art. Nordtorp Madson is recently retired from University of St. Thomas where she was curator and instructor of art history for 22 years. She received a BA in 1977, an MA in 1980 and a PhD in 1990 all from the University of Minnesota. Both did post graduate work on Scandinavian courtship and wedding customs.

Included in the exhibit will be items on loan from the Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa, and the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis.

Also exhibited will be wedding clothing, photographs and items that the DAHS has in its collection as well as pieces that other area residents have loaned the DAHS for the exhibit.

Loves Labor: The Traditions of Courtship and Weddings will be at the History Center through Labor Day, 2017.

There is no charge for the program or exhibit.




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