Dassel Fire Department

The Dassel Fire Department was established in 1881


Since that time the Fire Department has accepted other responsibilities in Rescue and First Responder duties. The Department is Currently Known as the “Dassel Volunteer Fire and Rescue Department”.

A roster of 30 active members and 2 reserves make up the total number of Volunteers the Department can have at any one time. The Department Officers consist of a Chief, Assistant Chief, Captain, Assistant Captain, Lieutenant, Training Officer, and a Safety Officer. It also has a Treasurer and a Secretary. officers are appointed at the end of even years and take over the following year for a two year term.

Membership consists of Male and Female personnel. Applicants must complete and pass the following to be active members of the department: An interview, written and physical tests that are given by the department officers, an entrance physical done at a clinic. At the present need level all applicants must further qualify via either of the following two criteria:

  1. Live within a four (4) minute drive time of the Fire Station.
  2. Live within an eight (8) minute drive time of the Fire Station and work with in a four (4) minute drive time of the Fire Station, working an eight (8) hour shift between the hours of 6:00am and 6:00 pm during the regular work week.

The departments response area consists of approximately 125 square miles covering the City of Dassel, City of Darwin, City of Kingston, the townships of Dassel, Collinwood, Ellsworth, Kingston, and Darwin. The department responds to over 200 calls per year.

The members take pride in serving the people of this area and those that are visiting or just passing through.

If you or someone you know are interested in becoming a member of the Department, you may contact the Fire Station at 320-275-3260, email Dassel Fire and Rescue or visit the City Offices and they can direct you.